My Resume

The following is a brief overview of my past and present work history.

Culture Amp

Senior Manager, Loyalty and Lifecycle (SB)

This is my current position. As part of our Customer Marketing and Advocacy team, I help our customers become happier and healthier advocates.

CXone Expert (MindTouch)

Customer Intelligence Advocate

Understanding your Customer allows you to create the best possible experience for them. They are the hero of the story and everything you do is built around them. As a Customer Intelligence Advocate, I collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data about Customers to help manage, deliver, and improve their experiences with our company. In this hybrid role of Customer Advocacy and Experience, I am responsible for the initiatives, programs, and softwares used to create and inspire our Customer advocates.

Current responsibilities:

Head of Product

After leading a team of front-end developers and mentoring project managers, I was promoted to Product Manager (to manage the team and the Product) and then Head of Product (a more appropriate title for my responsibilities).

My list of responsibilities running a team of Product Managers, Analysts, and Writers included:

Lead UI/UX Designer

This role included the user experience research, analysis, design, development and testing of two versions of the online knowledge management software sold by this company. The software works like a content management system which required that any design could be customized by deployment, was accessible, cross-browser and cross-device compatible, and had built in search experience optimization so content could be easily crawled and understood by search engines. Attention was paid to the scalability, performance, and experience of the design and development. Skills used in this position included: Balsamiq, Photoshop, Illustrator, CSS, semantic HTML, W3C accessibility compliance, Dekiscript, jQuery, and minimal PHP.

Mobeze, Inc.

Web Designer

My job duties included graphic and user interface design using Photoshop, Illustrator and Gimp, image optimization, CSS based design, HTML optimization, accessibility and validation, jQuery and PHP implementation. I have helped redesign and maintain an existing online dating website to W3C standards with cross-browser compatibility; helped create, launch and maintain a new online dating website; and helped implement new email campaigns using Blue Hornet and Strongmail marketing software.

MediaFlo USA (a division of Qualcomm)

Front End Developer

During my time with MediaFLO, I managed the Information Architecture for their Internal Internet, participated in the update of the Intranet’s design and assisted with the creation and maintenance of their interactive tools. I used my CSS based design skills in the redesign of the Intranet and the creation of several interactive tools such as an events calendar, a location editor, and a page catalog. In assisting with the design of new tools, I used my skills with AJAX to create dynamic form elements (DOJO) and tabbed tables (Tabber Tabs). Other AJAX libraries such as Scriptaculous and Prototype, were used in the creation of a dynamic navigation system for the Intranet. As I always do, I used W3C Compliant validators to authenticate my CSS and XHTML code and to ensure cross browser compatibility. While working with MediaFLO, I also learned XSL, XSL:FO, Axure and some simple JAVA. My skills with Photoshop were used in the redesign of an events calendar tool, and a third redesign of the Intranet.

MARCOA Publishing

Web Developer

I participated in the update of existing real estate websites, design and creation of new websites as part of a team, and the design and maintenance of the internal Intranet and company webboard. I used CSS based design on all websites created and maintained for MARCOA. My AJAX experience included the use of Lightbox 2.0, Scriptaculous and Prototype for photographic slideshows, along with a dynamic user phone extension list for the company’s internal website I used W3 Compliant validators to authenticate my CSS and XHTML and to guarantee cross browser compatibility for all code websites I worked on.

Early Career

During the first period of my career, I worked as an Independent Contractor for several different companies as well as a teaching assistant for an online HTML class. My job responsibilities included web design, web development, print and graphic design, SEO, usability testing, launch and maintenance of sites.

Notable companies: TurboTax (Intuit), TaxNet (purchased by H&R Block), and H&R Block.