About Me

My love for digital design began back in high school when I started transitioning from hand-drawn art to digital creations. I’ve since spent the last 20 years learning that there is more to digital design than just a pretty picture.

The first half of my career was spent working the front part of the front end experience while the second half has revolved around how people and experience play a part. My skill set allows me to research, plan, design, test, and build a website or interface that not only looks great but works intuitively and provides an exceptional experience from start to finish.

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Skill Set

The following is a list of skills, tools, and technologies that I have used over the last 20 years.


  1. Pragmatic Marketing (PMC-III)
  2. Data analysis
    • Google Analytics, SQL (snowflake, redshift), Semrush
  3. UX research and interviews
  4. Survey design and analysis
    • Wootric, CheckMarket
  5. Google Apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides)


  1. Agile development
  2. Product lifecycle management
  3. Product roadmapping and strategy
  4. Product launch planning and deployment
  5. Email design and launch
    • Pardot, Gmail mail merge, Checkmarket


  1. Design (Visual, UI, UX, Product, User-Centered)
  2. Responsive and performant web design
  3. Accessible Design (ADA, WCAG)
  4. Prototyping (wireframe, mockup, storyboarding)
    • Balsamiq, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, XD)
  5. Usability testing


  1. Responsive web development
    • Semantic HTML, CSS, Interactive Javascript and jQuery
  2. Technical Search Engine Optimization
  3. Search Experience Optimization
  4. Information Architecture
  5. Content Management Systems
    • Wordpress, MindTouch, Zendesk Guides
  6. Authoring tools
    • Adobe Dreamweaver, Atom, Sublime, Eclipse, WebStorm


  1. Google Lighthouse
  2. Cross-browser compatibility
    • Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 6 - 11, Microsoft Edge, Android based browsers
  3. Accessibility testing
    • Axe, WAVE, SiteImprove
  4. User testing


  1. Web analytics and SQL queries for data pipelines
    • Google Analytics, Semrush, Snowflake, Redshift
  2. CRM Reporting
    • Zendesk, Salesforce
  3. Knowledge management strategy and documentation
  4. Release notes